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WebHit Billboard for the World's Most Beautiful Music from Paolo Amore
Beautiful Music is back! On Demand Soundtraxx presents, the World's Most Beautiful Music from new Italian Artist Paolo Amore from his upcoming CD, "Faire" L'Amore di Musica", LoveMaking Music. Get ready to turn down the lights, light the candles, pour a spot of your favorite wine ... and add the beautiful music of Paolo Amore now at Also follow Paolo's music at and visit Paolo at Facebook and Twitter.
WebHit Billboard for the Thermal Blues Express
Get your "Blues" on with the Thermal Blues Express!! Featuring Tom "Da Germ" German, whaling on the harmonica. "My Friends and I" is Da Germ's first CD that features original blues songs like "Drivin", "Self Imposed Blues and WebHitAds' favorite, "Doin' What We Wanna Do". If you've never sang the blues before, get ready ... you are in for a bluesy treat! The Thermal Blues Express will have you jammin' and singin' along wit' "Da Germ"!!
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WebHit Billboard for Classic Paul
Originally from Buffalo, Paul performed in clubs all over the Western New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada. Starting out as "Paul, the One Man Ensemble" in the late 70's, then simply "Paul" through the 80's and 90's, Paul always introduced original music that became favorites where ever he played. Some great photos are featured as well as songs from each decade that will culminate in the material that will soon be featured on the Internet. Classic Paul's music is a prelude to the new music from Paaul, in the 21st Century.
WebHit Billboard for
Jermaine Fagan is Reggae Music "Personified". With his messages of peace, love and unity, you will find his music truly inspiring. Not only will you be impressed by Jermaine's passion for his music, you will be blown away by his lyrics that are poignant and uplifting. Look for Jermaine's most recent collections called "Just A Simple Man" and "More to Life". You can enjoy his music at and

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WebHit Billboard for Soliloquy, A Musical Novel at
.... Suddenly there was a tremendous gust of wind that came out of nowhere. I looked up in the night sky and observed what appeared to be a large shadow that covered the light from the moon. There wasn't an immediate indication of what it might be and the wind was swirling more strongly than it does during monsoon season. Then a bright piercing light, that temporarily blinded and disoriented me, came from an opening in the center of the shadow followed by a piercing, pulsating sound like I have never heard before. [SOUND] Everything went black and silent, and I blacked out ....








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