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The Amazing WebHit Jukebox is now here to give all new Singers and Songwwriters another media avenue to display and expose their new music to the world. Visionaries and Fans of New Music will use our website at as an untapped resource for new talent and entertainment. Send your family and friends over and over again to hear your songs and other great music too.  Be sure to comment on your favorite new songs and musical artists or upload you new song at
Kleos Comics is a project from the creative minds at We will share our collective art projects with all our awesome viewers! Our intention is to build it into a fun and exciting place, where you can go to on a regular basis to be entertained, see some unique stories and get away from the real world for awhile. Stay tuned for our weekly Episodes!
At Kleos Studios, we offer a variety of artistic skills for the Silver Screen such as Character Design, Storyboards, Sequential Art and Writing. We hope you sit and relax for a few minutes to review and enjoy our website. With the many facets of Kleos Services available to you, if you would like to know more information about Kleos Studios or need a Professional Art Consultant, please go to the Information Form on our Contact Page.Feel free to fill out the form and tell us what glory you have in mind that we can provide for you at
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